Firebrick 9"x4.5"x2"
Firebrick 9"x4.5"x2"

Firebrick 9"x4.5"x2"

Your Price: $6.25
Part Number:BRI70897

Firebrick: 9" Long, 4.5" Wide, 2" Thick.

Pricing is per piece

• Non-Asbestos
• Non-Combustible

This Firebrick product is susceptible to damage and/or breakage during shipping transport due to rough handling by shipping services (UPS, DHL, etc) and Royall Products will NOT be responsible for any damage or breakage to firebrick incurred during shipping of the product to your home or business.
We highly recommend that you seek out local providers (Home Dept, Lowes, etc) for firebrick replacements.

We're happy to sell firebrick to you but we Will Not Replace ANY Firebrick That Is Damaged During Shipping.