Sealcoat Truck Systems
Sealcoat Truck Systems

Sealcoat Truck Systems

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Sealcoat Truck System Asphalt Tank Capacity

Sealcoat trucks and truck body's designed to haul and protect all of your sealcoating equipment

Agitated Storage Tanks For Pavement Asphalt Available

• Standard sealcoat truck packages includes work platforms and spray bars
• Storage areas can be sized to fit special equipment
• Deck and work platforms can be widened or removed
• Tool boxes can be located per your specifications

Available Sealcoat Truck Extras:
• Hose Reels
• Brush Boxes
• Crack Melters
• Operator Seating
• Add on Toolbox and Storage Areas

Brush Boxes and Hose Reels can be placed per your specifications