Ironman Smoker Ugly Drum System
Ironman Cooker UDS System

Ironman Smoker Ugly Drum System

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The Ironman UDS Ugly Drum Smoker system is simple to operate yet puts out some insanely great barbecue. A BBQ smoker completely designed with simplicity in mind, a drum, the wood or charcoal, and your food, that's it!

A completely air tight smoker, the drum smoking process is completely controlled by adjusting the airflow thru draft induction pipes allowing more, or less airflow to feed your fire. As the heated air rises, it flows out of the top of the smoker drawing more air into the bottom of the ugly drum continuing the process.

Grills and Smokers Made In The USA

• Stainless Steel Grate Options Available
• Grills Are Available in Custom Colors
• Completely Made In The USA

• Grill Construction:
16ga Carbon Steel, High Temperature Powder Coated Finish

• Cooking Surface:
22" Round, 10ga, (Qty 1) Grate, 380 Sq In Total
(No Additional grating is available for this BBQ smoker)

• Cooking Area:
 3,040 Cubic Inches

• Grill Weight:
225 lbs, 265 lbs Shipped (approx)

• Grill Dimensions:
26" x 31" x 38" (DxWxH)

• Temperature Range:
BBQ smoker temperature range is adjusted by the air induction system

• Grill Grate Material:
Custom Laser Cut Carbon Steel Standard, also available in Stainless Steel

• Fuel System:
Charcoal or Wood

• Fual Capacity:
12" x 8.5" Fuel Basket

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