Bulk Asphalt Storage Tanks
Bulk Asphalt Storage Tanks

Bulk Asphalt Storage Tanks

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Bulk Asphalt Storage Tank Sizes

Heavy Duty Bulk Asphalt Storage Tanks in capacities from 4,000 Gallons to 10,000 Gallons

Agitated Storage Tanks For Pavement Asphalt Available

• Provides the ultimate in sealcoat convenience and economy
• Heavy Duty agitator shaft provides full sweep tank agitation
• Clean Out Ports at Tank Base
• Larger storage tank sizes available on request

The convenience of on site sealcoat bulk storage tanks enables you to spend more time sealcoating and less time running to replenish your sealcoat. Royall storage tanks are constructed for long term storage of sealcoat products. Built with heavy gauge materials for high durability, reliable agitation and material transfers.