American Royall 7300-A Outdoor Boiler
American Royall 7300-A Outdoor Boiler

American Royall 7300-A Outdoor Boiler

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American Royall 7300-A Non-Pressurized Outdoor Boiler - 300,000 btu

Made In The USA

• Draft Induction Options:
(1) 50cfm Draft Induction Fans

• Grate Options:
(4) Cast Iron Front Frame
(16) Case Iron Rear Frame
(4) Rocker Grates

• Boiler Construction:
1/4" Boiler Plate,
High Temperature Powder Coating

• Overall Dimensions:
56" x 72" x 94" (HxWxD)

• Water Capacity:
145 Gallons

• Firebox Capacity:
21.0 Cubic Feet

• Max Log Length:
43" Length

• Fuel Loading Door:
19" x 24"

• Ash Removal Door:
5" x 7"

• Removable Ash Pan:
Included Standard

• Firebrick Requirements:

• Approximate Weight:
1,610 lbs

The heating capacity specifications are provided as guidelines only and in no way guarantee the output or capacity of the units. The actual BTU output depends on the type of fuel being burned and its condition, the thermostat setting, the draft adjustments and the chimney into which the unit is installed.

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